Automation Equipment Anthony Innovations

Drylin Linear Systems

Drylin W Series used to make a Camera Slider. Lubrication free and low noise. Drylin W Series used on Gym Equipment. Lubrication and maintenance free. Drylin R Series Bearings used in the manufacture of Talcum, no lubrication means the product does not stick to the bearings.
Drylin T Series Rail and carriage used on a spot welder in the Automotive industry. Drylin W Series Rail and carriages used on an Automated Frame Machine. Drylin T Series Rail and carriage used to guide a car hoist.




























Igubal Spherical Bearings

Igubal Rod End used on Model Aircraft. Igubal Ball & Socket Joint used for LED Light Fixtures. Igubal Rod End used on a packaging machine.
Igubal Pillowblock used in a high dirt environment. Zero lubrication needed for Igubal Rod End in dusty environment. Igubal Pillowblock used on a conveyor for food processing. Zero lubrication means less chance of contamination.





























Iglidur Plain Bearings

Iglidur Q Series Bearings used to keep weight down on a bag gripper. Iglidur G Series Bearings used on a Rotary Swather. Iglidur GLW Bearings used to make a lubrication free Chain.
Iglidur J Series Bearings used on the hinges for a Dentist's Lamp. Special Iglidur J Series Bearings used on Mountain Bike Shocks Iglidur G300 Bearings used on a Mountain Bike Derailleur.


































RBR (Reverse Bend Radius) E-Chain used on an indoor crane.
R158 Series E-Tube repels hot chips upto 850┬░ C. Triflex E-Chain used on a robotic arm in the Automotive industry.
 Twisterchain used on the base of a robot arm.  E-Chain used in agricultural equipment. E6 Series E-Chain used in high speed sheet metal feeder.