Igus is a German designer, manufacturer and worldwide distributor of plastic plain bearings, spherical bearings, linear guides, cable carriers and continuous-flex cables. These products can be found in nearly every industry worldwide.


Plastic linear bearing for nearly all types of application. Drylin linear bearings are maintenance-free, lubrication-free and can often be used as perfect substitutes for conventional, circulating ball bushings and profile guides.

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Polymer plain bearings – economical, lubrication free, maintenance-free, predictable. 29 different iglidur materials for bearings ranging from all-round through to FDA-compliant to hightemperature. Maintenance-free & lubrication-free spherical bearings in various designs and configurations. More economical and lighter than conventional spherical bearings.

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Endless solutions for safe guidance of cables and hoses. From fully enclosed to ‘easy’-fill, quiet or chip- proof, minimal bend radii or multi-axis movements. E-Chain can accommodate very high dynamic load and stringent service life requirements. Capable of extreme environs & climatic zones.

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Tested, twist-resistant, special cables for highly versatile applications – ideal for use in Energy-Chain. Available as drive, control and data cables, fibre optic and CAT5/CAT6 cables. Prefabricated system cables also available.

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